View East towards the Quarry


from the village of Storth, Cumbria
View west towards Storth Road
Image updates daily at 13:00
Image updates everyday at noon

Want to see what the weathers doing in Storth?

Due to security issues and lack of support from modern browsers these cameras no longer show a live video stream. They will display a snap shot of the current view and the recent images pages show pictures from the last 24 hours. One camera is pointing south west towards Storth Road and the second camera points east over looking a field and the quarry face. Watch the quarry face turn red in the evening as the setting sun reflects off the limestone.  Click below for a snap shot or to see recent images taken every 15 minutes in daylight hours.  (View subject to change at the whim of the operator).  Cameras are Peak Soho Wireless Internet Cameras.

Snap Shot   Camera 1 South West

 View Recent Images - Camera 1

        Camera 2 East

View Recent Images - Camera 2

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