B4YS = Broadband For Yealands Silverdale & Storth

This page provides up to date information on the B4RN installation in Storth. If you want more information on how we reached this point in the rollout of the network please visit Page 2

Route 1 - serves the North West side of the village inc Arnbarrow, The Pastures, Rose Hill Gove and parts of Storth Rd. This route is complete and live.

Route 2 - serves the North East side of the village north of Quarry Lane. It includes Dallam Drive, businesses on Quarry Lane and properties in Sandside. Some properties bordering the railway cutting are live as is the Ship Inn and the Old Quarry Warehouse. Further work will be undertaken when B4RN complete the crossing over the railway cutting which requires a specialist solution.

Route 3
- serves everything East of Storth Rd, South of Quarry Lane. B4RN has now installed ducts across the railway cutting from chamber ST201 and there is a road crossing already in place in Quarry Lane. A new chamber has been installed in Yans Lane opposite Old Myse (ST301) and ducting has been laid up through the field from Quarry Lane to Yans Lane.
Fibre has now been blown to this Chamber and individual properties served by it. The next chamber (ST301c) has been installed to serve the properties north east of Yans Lane and fibre blown to individual properties. B4RN will now send a fusing team to join up all the fibre at which point the chambers and properties go live.

Route 4 - serves everything West of Storth Rd, South of Green Lane.
Digging work started in November 2019 on Route 4 which goes from the Old Railway Cutting across Friar Cote field up through Waterdale towards Storth Rd and along to Langdale Crest where the first distribution chamber was installed by Holly Cottage. Chambers in Pipers Close, Keasdale Road and Greenbank Ave are installed and fibre was blown to them in Nov 2020. The completion of this route means that most properties on the West side of Storth Road can now get a B4RN connection although the area around Chaple Close still needs work.

Remember that this is a community project overseen by B4RN which is registered as a non-profit community benefit society. Funding comes from locals buying shares in B4RN and recently from the Government Gigabit Voucher Scheme now replaced by the Rural Gigabit Connectivity (RGC) scheme. Most of the work in the village is done by local volunteers and the speed of deployment is totally dependent on the number of volunteers turning out to help so please come and help.

Keep up to date with postings on the B4YS or Storth and Sandside Facebook pages.  here   or here  or scroll down to see this weeks work schedule, pictures from the digging team and a progress schematic.

For photographs of the dig  Go Here To see the routes and progress to date,  check out the schematic here.
Map showing Route and Chamber Location (Dec20)

Work plan for this coming week: w/c 3 May 2021

Thursday 6th - House kit fitting in Yans Lane 9:30

All sessions start at 9:00 and 13:30hrs

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