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Broadband speeds in Storth have been slow. Cumbria County Council have given BT millions of pounds to improve broadband and after many years of slow progress the village now has faster connections available via the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) products available from most ISPs. However, whilst the rest of the world introduces super fast state of the art broadband networks using fibre optic cable, the UK continues to rollout stop gap measures that will need further substantial investment in the future. What we have now is a network which still relies on outdated copper wire to deliver broadband and the speed each property gets still depends on how near you are to a BT cabinet.  Is there a better way?

Do it Once - Do it Correctly - The only way to future proof broadband connections is to use Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). This technology requires the installation of fibre optic cable from the exchange to your home or business. This type of connection is unavailable from BT, Virgin media or any other provider except B4RN. Whilst current connections speeds may be sufficient at present, in future we will find our fast internet connections are just not fast enough. For example, SKY TV has announced that from next year you can take the SKY TV channels without the need for a SKY dish as it will be delivered via the internet. Given the cost of putting satellites into space it is probable that SKY will phase out using them to deliver its programming and at some point in the future will rely on the internet. Can your internet connection cope with multiple TV channels in HD. 

Why do I need fast broadband? Current ADSL/VDSL technology in most cases is adequate for internet browsing and email. However more and more services are now being delivered via the internet. Chances are you already have a smart TV, DVD player, games machine, SKY box or Freeview box  which connects to the internet and can stream programs from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Love film or other content providers. Try watching HD versions of these programs and the chances are the picture frequently breaks up or you see a buffering message which means the player is waiting for the content to download. If anyone else in the household is accessing the internet with their smartphone, computer or games machine there is a good chance the programs are unwatchable. Work from home? - ever tried sending an email with a large attachment or backing up to the cloud? You will know that this can take ages. 

Can I get hyper fast Broadband in Storth? Yes. Broadband 4 the Rural North (B4RN) is a community based organisation that is rolling out a FTTP 1000mbs service in rural parts of Lancashire. They have extended the service to the nearby villages of Yealand Redmayne, Yealand Conyers and Silverdale and are now on the way to Storth. B4RN is using proven technolgy to deliver download and upload speeds of 1000mbs and now has over 3000 properties taking the service.  B4RN have received sufficient interest backed by funds to bring their hyper fast 1000mbs service to Storth. Detailed route planning is almost complete so its important you express your interest if you want the service in your home. Remember, fast internet is now as important as gas, water and electricity to anyone buying property these days.  There is a dedicated website specifically for the villages of Yealand, Silverdale and Storth at and you can follow progress on Facebook at B4YSfibre

What happens next? Leaflets are currently being delivered to every property in Storth, Sandside and Carr Bank and when the village hall is connected up there will be an open day where anyone can come along with their laptops, tablets and smartphones to see hyperfast broadband in action. There is enough money in the kitty to pay for the network to reach the village hall and for a substantial part of the village but more funds are required. Buying shares in B4RN is a cost effective way of supporting this project as B4RN pay 5% interest to investors (after 3 years) and investment qualifies under the EIS scheme for tax relief. However, investing is not compulsory and anyone who wants the service can have it by paying the 150 connection charge which includes the modem/router inside your property. You can even earn credits by helping with the installation. The routes the cables will take around the village are being worked on and the aim is to minimise the need to cross roads. If you want the service now or in the future you need to express your interest so that the cable can be brought to your house and that of your neighbours.  

If you are interested in this service please go to to register your interest and obtain updates on the progress of this project. To see specific information relating to Storth see the dedicated page  here.



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